Medicinal Usage of Arjun Tree Bark against Heart Problems.

Learn all about Arjun Tree Bark usage against Heart Diseases, Prevention and Cure

Arjun Tree Bark
Family Name Combretaccae
English Name Arjuna
Sanskrit Name Arjuna , Dhawal , Sambar, Idradu , Kakubha
Hindi Name Arjun, Kahu
Gujarati Name Golo, Sadado, Sajad
Marathi Name Sadaru, Arjun, Sadada
Punjabi Name Kau, Koha
Bengali Name Arjun Gach

The tree can be upto 70 feet in height, has tender green leaves. It grows on the banks of rivers/rivelets. It begins flowering in summer and bears elongated oval fruits in winter; the flowers are light green in color. The trunk diameter is 10-20 feet. The bark though white on the outside is blood red inside. It peels off yearly.

Chemical Composition

The bark has about 34% Calcium Carbonate, Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminium etc. The high content of Sodium and Calcium influences the heart muscles


The bark is cool, stringent in taste and very beneficial for the heart. It eliminates:-

  1. Fat
  2. Tubercolosis Cells
  3. Blood Disorders
  4. Strengthens Heart Muscles, strengthens heartbeat
  5. Contracts the arteries thus slowing down blood flow through them; thus more blood is pumped to the body
  6. Arjun and Shireesh cures / controls Leprosy, Jaundice and Urinary disorders, Vaginal disorders


1. Boils in Mouth.
The tree bark powder mixed in sesame oil and used to gargle cures mouth disorders.
2. Ear Pain. The tree bark powder mixed in sesame oil cures ear pain too.
3. Face Blemishes. The bark powder mixed in honey and applied on the face will remove the facial blemishes.

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