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Health, Attack Symptoms, Heart Failure - High Blood Pressure;
learn all about its causes and control.

Ayurvedic Arjuna (Combretaceae) Tree Bark - How it clears blocked Heart arteries
and prevents Heart Attacks, Failure and avoids need for Operations.

Arjun Tree

Arjun tree is a tall tree, has thick bark. Its bark is white on the outside and reddish inside. The bark is about 1/4 inch thick. The bark peels off by itself once a year. The bark composition is 34% Calcium Carbonate. Also included in high amounts are Sodium, Magnesium and Aluminium.Because of the calcium and aluminium the smallest heart muscles are effected. It is vey beneficial for the heart; it eliminates fat, tubercolosis cells and cures other heart blood diseases, ulcers and vaginal diseases too.

Clear arteries with Arjun Bark decoction and avoid heart surgery and heavy expenses. This is not a new discovery. It was discovered by the Rishis in ancient Vedic Culture of India, around 900 BC. The bark decoction gives you relief from Heart Angina, myocardial infarction Symptoms, and Blocked Heart Arteries.
You can read Full Description and Usage of the Arjun Bark here.

Do you have Heart myocardial infarction? Symptoms? Are you suffering from any Heart Attack Diseases, Blocked Arteries? Follow simple ancient ayurveda to prevent Heart Failure and maintain your Heart Health. Read this full page and you can avoid Heart Failure without any Heart operations.

Personal experience of a person with Ayurveda Arjun Bark, who underwent Heart Disease Operation in 1998 and was again experiencing deep chest pain since 2009, and was having blood pressure of 150/109mm; he has no chest pain now and his BP is 110/75 mm. Avoid thousands of dollars (lakhs of Rupees) on heart operations, avoid risk to your life during the operation, all this at virtually free cost. Your Arjun Bark will cost you just about INR 10 monthly. Nothing to buy from us.
Two simple ayurveda pranayams ( exercises ) also help greatly to prevent Heart Diseases. Links to these are 1) Anulom Vilom 2) Kapal Bhatti

What is myocardial infarction?

If blood does not flow to the heart because of a blocked artery, the heart muscles get damaged as they do not receive any oxygen via the blood. The inside of blood vessels are deposited gradually over the years with plaque which may ultimately become a clot preventing blood flow to the heart and denying it oxygen. This is what doctors call Atherosclerosis. Many medicines are available for cure of blocked heart arteries, the most popular being the statins.

However, Arjun Bark along with Lauki (Bottle Gourd) juice prevent plaque build up; they even clear up the existing arteries blockages thus rendering requirement of a Heart Operation unnecessary and saving you a very large amount of money. In USA, 60%-85% patients who die of sudden heart attacks did not get any warning signs or symptoms. However, regular use of Arjun Bark decoction will prevent build up deposits and even dissolve the existing deposits in the arteries.

Ayurvedic Decoction Preparation

In about a litre of water put 1-2 teaspoonfuls of splintered bark. Bring it to boil and then lower the flame to let it simmer till the water becomes 500-600 ml (about half). Let it cool. Filter it. Drink about 200-250 ml in the morning and evening. You can prepare a larger quantity to store it for 2-3 days. Make sure you don't store this Ayurvedic Decoction Preparation in plastic bottles.

Some Other Methods of Using Arjun Bark

Attack Symptoms.

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  • Case History - How a person avoided second Operation

    About 5 months back the person started taking 200ml of Arjun Bark decoction 2-3 times a day. Also, about 4-6 times weekly he drank Lauki (Bottle Gourd) juice. As advised he reduced the allopathic medicine intake only after monitoring his BP; as the BP lowered to 100-110/60-75mm he reduced the medicine intake by 50%. The BP went up slightly with this reduced allopathic medicine.

    Another 30 days of drinking the Arjun Bark decoction and Lauki Juice and he reduced the allopathic intake to 25% recommended.

    The process of drinking the decoction and Lauki Juice reduced the allopathic medicines consumption to 12.5%, and finally stopped altogether after about 6 months drinking of the decoction.

    Monitoring of BP continues. The BP is normal and there is no chest pain any more. The present BP varies from 135/84 to 110/65 mm depending upon when it was checked, at rest or after slight physical activity.

    Present Status of the Case History Described above

    Now, July, 2011, the person has been off allopathic medicines and also Arjun Bark decoction for the last 2 months. His blood pressure has been monitored on daily basis. The blood pressure has been found to be 118/65 mm to 130/78 mm. There is hardly any chest pain; earlier it was quite uncofortable and he used to press his chest with his left arm.

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